PyDX 2017?

Hello munchkins,

As you may have guessed, PyDX will not be happening this year, and we wanted to let you, our amazing community, know what’s up, so this blog post comes in two parts: why? and what now?


The answer is simple: we all have more responsibilities than time. If we thought we could do a good job, we would happily work on all the projects, but the human body needs to sleep so we had to give something up.

What now?

I hope all of you will continue to stay involved with the local Python community as well! If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got some suggestions:


PyCascades is a brand new Pacific Northwest Python conference happening January 2018. The call for proposals is currently open until August 28, and we’d love to see everyone who loves PyDX submit a talk or buy a ticket or volunteer for PyCascades! We’ve been working with the organizing team on making it an awesome conference in Vancouver, BC, and a couple of us are helping with the talk selection too! We’re so thrilled more folks in our awesome community want to take up the reins and do a terrific community conference, and do it right, so we’re throwing all our weight behind supporting them.

PDX Python

our local Python user group meets twice per month for talk nights (2nd Thursdays) and study nights (4th Thursdays), so if you want to go see what the locals are doing with Python, check out their fabulous talk nights. They also are always looking for new speakers - a great way to get your feet wet if you’ve got some new ideas or just want to get some practice speaking!

PyLadies PDX

If you’re a woman or non-binary Python programmer PyLadies is another Python user group for you. PyLadies focuses mostly on workshops to teach the skills and tools to help you be a better programmer.

Django Girls PDX

Django Girls is, first and foremost, a format for introducing beginners, specifically women and non-binary folks, no matter the kind of computer they have, to programming, to Python, and to web development via Django. The PDX branch is very active, and they need mentors and coaches several times per year for their weekend-long workshops. Django Girls has the best setup tutorial for a beginner I’ve ever seen, check it out here.

There are also lots of other wonderful meetups in Portland that aren’t necessarily Pythonic!

We love our community and we hope you will all continue to stay involved, show off your cool projects, teach each other, and share stickers. PyDX isn’t over, but we are taking a PyDX-shaped break this year! Hope to see you at PyCascades!