PyDX - The Dry Conference

Hello all again! We want to take this opportunity to talk again about the decision to make PyDX a dry conference. We did this to include a broader reach of people and to recenter our technical conversations from an exclusive, party-focused culture back to Python and our amazing community. This year, we will have a focus on inclusivity across many spectra as part of our involvement with Res Fest PDX.

Last year, several individuals approached me privately to talk about the dry conference, and to say that they hadn’t been to technical conferences ever or in years because of the booze. We had several folks with kids who a) loved our childcare, which we have got on the books again for this year, and b) were able to go home at the end of the night after a great day of conferencing.

We love our Python community and feel that a dry conference fits particularly well in our particular programming community due to its intentionally inclusive nature. Each year at PyCon — the conference whose attitude we work hard to regionally emulate — there is a higher percentage of speakers and attendees who are women, people of color, and many underrepresented minorities, and the conversation hasn’t slowed on how to maximize a serious level of inclusivity. At PyDX, part of our efforts are thus making space for non-drinkers and others who want the focus on great code and community, not the after-party.

Just like last year, we do feel it’s important to note that we don’t think that drinking is wrong, just that it doesn’t need to be so tightly coupled with technical events. Everyone is welcome, enjoy the conf, we can’t wait to see you all again this year! It’s going to be a great conference.