Talk and Tutorial Guidelines

PyDX 2016 is a chance for us to share knowledge and build the Cascadia Python community. We strongly encourage anyone and everyone to submit a tutorial proposal.

We will be accepting proposals from April 21st until July 31st.

  • There will be people of every Python skill level, so keep your audience in mind.

  • Keep your tutorial relevant and useful. Make sure you have a clear goal of what you want the audience to gain from your tutorial.

  • If you want to talk about a project you worked on, avoid “Look at the cool thing I did!” and focus more on “Look at how I did the cool thing.” and make sure the project is completed (or at least the relevant portion)

  • We’re looking for talks for any skill level

  • We're particularly looking for personal examples of Python use and the community, rather than commercial interests or advertisements for a product.

  • All talks and tutorials must follow the Code of Conduct

  • Talks should be 40 minutes

  • Tutorials should be 2 hours

Submissions are now closed

If you have any questions email us at